Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Down" Time

It's been a long time since a post and there's never been a really good one.

So, I guess I'll start talking then.

I'm still at Cornell, taking summer classes. It's pretty fun, but really hectic. I hang out with other ChemE's, but we have class from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM everyday except Friday, which we usually have off (hooray!), except for exams (boo!). The schedule really sucks since we had finals in the spring, a weekend, and then started summer classes right away. Our 1st round of prelims starts when the real summer session people GET here. Plus, even the Applied Engineering Physics majors that are here only take 3 hours of class a day. Oh well. Such is ChemE.

Speaking of which, I'm having a dilemma. I am considering becoming a double major in ChemE and Biological and Environmental Engineering with a Biomedical Engineering concentration. I should talk to people here, but it really seems like the only requirement I haven't met or exceeded (ChemE Fluid Mechanics >>>>>>>>> BEE Fluids) is the senior capstone course. I don't think I'd be able to fit another capstone on top of ChemE Design senior, it might interfere with my taking electives and stuff...hmm...

I started up on StarCraft again in honor of the announcement of StarCraft2. If you liked SC and haven't seen the trailers and stuff, go to and watch everything.

Zooomr is updating to Mark III. This is good and bad. It's good because it promises a bunch of really cool looking updates. It's bad because 1) one of my favorite photographers, Thomas Hawk, is Evangelist of Zooomr, and he's been really busy, 2) i can't go onto Zooomr to look at pics, and 3) I can't share pics.

I'm currently living in a bit of a dump, but I get to move into my sweet apartment Friday! Unfortunately, the lack of a break screwed me over, and I wasn't able to bring kitchenware up here. Like the apartment is fully furnished, but I don't have utensils or things to eat/cook any case, I get to move out of a place that's like...2 mins from Commons and into Ctown. My place right now is with sketchy grad students and "has free internet," which means I steal it from neighbors, when it's up. Right now, the only wifi networks available have passwords that I don't know. Bugs get into the room pretty easy too...oh well.

I'm thinking of getting a webcam. I wanna use it for Skype, definitely, but I might add like a video to this blog, especially when I go on CoOp and have nothing to do after 3 pm everyday. And weekends...

But yeah, I'll continue to add pictures, and I'll make a much more media-centered (pics) post later, when Zooomr gets settled. I'll probably also comment on news or whatever. Most likely video games.

Anyway, have a good summer!

Stay tuned.

PS: I need a sig or sign off thing. "Stay tuned." is ok, but I wonder what else might work...I'll think about that. Or y'all can comment.