Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Know It's Been A Long Time

Hey guys,

Sorry sorry sorry, it's been forever, I know. I got extremely busy at work and home and had no time to do anything.

First off, that contest I entered my photos into. I'll find out results in the spring. I also asked them if they had thought of an online gallery or something to show the entrants, and they might look into it! So, if I see anything, I'll post it up here. I'm more interested in seeing what everyone else submitted.

Thanksgiving was pretty solid for me. No fancy food, no real Thanksgiving feast. Just homecooked meals. Asian food, eating out at restaurants too. It was nice. Plus, not having a feast meant we didn't have to worry about preparation or leftovers.

I got a GPS unit (Garmin Nuvi 660). Well, technically, my dad wanted it for like over a year, so we bought it for him. Then he just gave it to me. He bought a cheaper one. Best Buy had crazy GPS deals this year for Black Friday. Couple video games. Kind of a quiet Black Friday. We didn't try for the hot ticket stuff, like the $300 laptops, since we didn't really need them. Actually, we almost missed all of it. I was supposed to wake my dad up so we could drive out, but my alarm didn't go off. Richardson called me at 6:00 am and asked about a price for Burning Crusade before asking me how BF was going. Course, I just woke up, so I calmly told him that I was in Texas, so we hadn't started yet. It was only then I realized that when my clock says 7:00 AM, EST, it's 6:00 AM central. I bolted downstairs, grabbed my dad, and we sped to Best Buy, which was....pretty much empty? One of the workers even complained.

BB Dude: "OK, we rearranged the ENTIRE store, brought in SO many people on extra shift, and we've been here since like 4. WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PEOPLE?!?!"

They had boxes of Rock Band, Halo 3 with the helmet, Xbox 360's, PS3's, everything piled high. No one was touching anything. Even the GPS units were relatively plentiful. At that time. We would try to go back later at noon since we liked them so much and try to get another one but ALAS, twas to no avail.

OH, something funny happened on my flight down though. I was sitting in the gate when the JetBlue gate announced something.

Gate Attendant: "We will begin boarding the flight now, but not everyone. Nope. First, we want passengers [so and so] to board first. Why? Well, they're actually getting MARRIED!!!! So, we'll let them board first, and everyone say hi to them when you walk by row 2!!!"

So yeah. That was Thanksgiving.

The week after Thanksgiving, I think I spent most of my home time looking up and buying presents for people. Then that weekend, I went to Boston to go home and also visit another P&G plant in South Boston, MA. That was all fun too. Got 4 levels in one weekend in WoW, hehe. Aaaaand, now putting on the addiction tag.

Last week, I have no idea what happened. I literally cannot account for home time last week. I only played like an hour or two of WoW. The entire week. Then I went to Cornell to see you guys off before finals and break. I'll be going back when y'all are gone to move stuff back into the apartment, though.

I've taken up knitting a bit. I suck pretty hard but I'm just trying to learn the basics at first. I've gotten some flak for it already though. Phil, guy from work, my boss...*sigh*

Oh yeah, I also got sick. Strep. Very bad. Missed Monday because of fever and such. Missed Tuesday because of the same thing, then doctor's office. Went to work for an hour on Tuesday to check my messages. Went for over a full day on Wednesday...and I missed all of Thursday. I felt pretty shitty Friday morning, so I went later and stayed for about 3 hours before I felt sick again. The headache from the fever is a killer.

But it's about 1 am, and I should go get some sleep. Another post later!

Stay Tuned.

PS: How's everyone else doing?

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Selections

Hey all, I know this post is loooooooooong overdue, but here are my top 10 and top 5 pictures in no particular order, with reasons why. I also gave 2 runners up.

Again, some of the pictures are a bit too wide, but I don't know how to fix that problem short of doing what I was SUPPOSED to do with the blog: go and edit the html and css files, reupload them, and have Blogger use the new files with new graphics.


This picture was entered into the contest with more dust correction and titled "Geometry." You guys picked up on the thing I was trying to capture and the thing I liked most about this long hallway. I really liked all the lines and shapes and everytime I look at this photo, I feel like I'm looking at something caught between two mirrors. I did my best to try to frame this picture to make it as symmetrical as possible, but it looks like I might have to try again later.


This second picture was also entered into the contest under the title "Imminent." I liked this picture because of the vantage point. I also tried to capture some of the tense emotion that was flowing throughout the hallway. Admittedly, there was one exam with a larger, more interesting crowd, but I didn't have my camera that day, unfortunately.


This picture was also entered under the name "Texture." I told Eugena this as I mounted this photo on coreboard, but I liked this picture because seeing it makes me want to actually touch the surface it's on, even though I know better. Plus, the shadows from the wrinkles in the shirt add some nice depth, and the worn text (shirt came like that) gives a sense of age. This blending of senses is compelling to me. I believe I will try to get this printed on canvas, if I ever want it at home.


This photo was entered under "Other Self." I liked this one because of the mirror surface on the lake and how the mirrored self had more visible parts than the actual self. Sorta like a metaphor for searching for yourself, I guess. Please ignore the last sentence as it is basically me trying to do something I'm not good at: be an intellectual. Let me rephrase.



This photo was not entered into the contest because it received (I think) no popular votes. Possibly one. I'm really not sure why this photo resonated so strongly with me. I think it might have had something to do with the relatively simple color scheme, yet it also has a lot of detail in the photo that gives a feeling of touch. I guess I would title this one "Stairway."


Another photo that was entered into the contest. This one was titled "Tunnel." I liked this one because of the tunnel structure, plus I really feel that Rhodes is quite under-appreciated, architecturally. Maybe because few people have reason to go there, and even fewer of them look at the stairs.


This was entered as "One Spot." Kim discussed the aspect of the photo I liked the most, which was the play on the depth of field. The lens I used is my favorite (haven't used the monster 70-200 that much yet), the Zeiss 50mm 1.4, but I stopped it down to 2.8 (I believe) here. I felt like that specific spot had a story; perhaps the only safe area in a bleak and desolate world?


"Waiting." If this picture were taken before this 9/11 security madness, it could have multiple meanings, I believe. I dunno, but I thought that people used to be able to walk to the gates and along the concourse even if they didn't have a boarding pass. I distinctly remember my mom picking me up from the airport like this a few times. In any case, I liked the potential stories that this photo could tell. In case you haven't noticed, I like to imagine scenarios and I value the potential stories as much as the object the story starts from.


"All Eyes on Me." I like how the lights drew attention to the subject.


"Nature Loses This One." I didn't actually see why this photo was so popular. This is probably my least favorite of the 10 I selected, but I did like how the colors and lights seem to back and support human development/society/technology, while the woods and grass that are normally portrayed as comforting and warm are almost made to be villains here.

These next two photos are runners up:


I liked this one because I tried to show the tree as being contained or caged inside the window frame, but with parts of it being able to sneak through. I also liked the different angle, but I disliked how much stuff is going on in the picture that is extra...


One of my endless hallway shots...I liked it except I think it would've been much much better if there was a person at the very end, near or at the window.

I hope I don't seem too full of myself for talking about my photos that way...

Anyway, I won't be coming to Ithaca this weekend. I'm going home to visit another company plant that makes different product to try to learn more about our technology and business. I will be up next weekend to wish everyone a good break/good luck and possibly to move some stuff back into the apartment. I don't really know, I'll play that part by ear. My last day at work will be January 11th, and I'm moving out by January 13th. So, I'm giving myself a week break to relax before school starts. I'm trying to get a week off for Christmas/New Year's, but I don't know how that's been going; I asked my boss about it, but last time I talked to her about it, she was still getting feedback from her boss.

In other news, the newest patch for World of Warcraft was quite substantial and made lives easier in general.

Also, I've bought way way way too many games for Wii. List as follows:

Metroid Prime 3
Super Mario Galaxy
Mario Strikers Charged
Zack and Wiki
Wii Play (for the controller)
Big Brain Academy
Battalion Wars 2
Wii Zapper

You may be wondering why I got so many games, well, Toys R Us had a "buy 2 Wii games, get a 3rd free" sale, and I figured I might try my luck. This is why I got Wii Play instead of just another controller, so I could get a free game. I was extremely lucky; both Toys R Us's in Northeast PA got hit REALLY hard. Like, at one store, the only games they had were shitty launch games. In fact, I actually scored the very last copy of SMG in both places, and that was because I called ahead and reserved it for a day. When I went to buy it, the clerks had to tell customers they had no more SMG, and had to hide my copy when I checked out. I also wanted to get Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, and Wario Ware, but they were sold out. Well, they were sold out of the first 2, and I didn't want to buy only one game during the sale. Apparently, Hannah Montana was extremely popular this year, as clerks asked by name if I wanted it.

I don't actually play very much Wii here. My room is too small for the arm-swinging action I use and I'm uncomfortable setting everything up in the living room as my roommate has a tendency to be very forceful with objects and not as respectful to my stuff.

But, more stuff will come soon!

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chosen 10

These are the 10 pics I chose. Let me know if you agree/want to vote one off.

From these 10, pick 5 please.











Thursday, November 1, 2007

Contest Photos


The photos are JUST too wide to be seen fully. Sorry. But the link in the beginning works!

**End edit**

Here's where I need your help guys.

Below are all the photos I'm thinking of entering into the contest. I need to cut these down to a group of 10 and a group of 5. Leave comments on which you like best.

Here's the link to the set of contest photos in Zooomr.

But I know I wanted more photos in my posts anyway, so...









































































Pick from those pics please...