Monday, September 17, 2007

Ennichi and Chaos

Hey guys,

So, this weekend I helped JUSA set up and cook for Ennichi. And it was pretty wild. I musta made over 100 crepes for one of their stands, and I took ~279 pictures for the whole event. Well...actually...that's not a whole lot, but it is a lot of work for Jiyeon and other people who will have to flip through the pictures. =)

I mean, it was definitely fun and I would do it again. I got lots of practice flipping I can use that with pancakes and omelets! And my camera had been dying to go out for a long time. Although...never mess with photographers with flashes. I could not see for a few minutes.

My first project at work today was a way. I work from 645 to 315 ('s usually been 340). Friday at 3, I was told it was all green lights. It was scheduled to start at 8 am today. Imagine my surprise when I show up to work and find out that the earliest it can start is 10 am. Now imagine what I try to do considering vendors (visitors who came to see the project being run) have arrived at 8am. THEN...imagine how well it goes when the project has to be rescheduled for 2PM. The project was supposed to last from 8am to 2-3pm. I had to stay to watch the first batch of the project, so I ended up leaving work today at ~6 pm. I worked ~11 hours...with a 20 min lunch, no bathroom break, and no work breaks. It was .... chaos.

That being said...this job is still easier than school.

Alice got us Colbert tix!!!!!! So, I'll be going to the 2nd show (9pm) on Oct 26 to see STEPHEN COLBERT!!!!! I wanna try to get a press pass too....I want pictures =(

I'm also getting excited for CTAS's Nightmarket. Yes, I am embracing my inner non-existent-Taiwanese person.

That's all I can really think of for now. I'm also kinda tired. WoW is great. I wanna edit pictures...My car needs to be repaired....the ventilation system still isn't working...and my dad said I should also get an oil change....How's everyone else doing?

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hey all....

So...beginning today with a little rant...I went and got a 750 GB external hard drive...I got the external cuz it was like $80 cheaper than the went to Best the ad...and went to Circuit City...where it was price matched and given another 10% discount =)

Anyway, what pisses me off is...Windows XP introduced a new file system called NTFS...It was "great" because it was more efficient for the sizes of hard drives that would soon come. It also took up less of the hard drive space to establish folder hierarchy. Lastly, it enabled a user to create a file larger than 4.3 GB.

So why the hell...would Western Digital...create a 750 GB hard 2006...5 years after XP came out with NTFS....and have it formatted in fucking FAT32?!?!?!?

I was trying to move a 7.5 GB video (Top Gear Polar Special) onto the drive...and lo and behold "Not enough disk space" error....with 650 GB free (after conversion, 750 goes to 698)...and since I've moved so much stuff onto the disk already from my other disks...I can't go reformat... isn't so bad...I can start taking pictures again since I have like..DOUBLED my hard drive space...

I might go to some natural parks around here or something...if I wasn't so addicted to WoW. kinda really anywhere near as hard as school...but definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. It's a very different kind of difficulty...and sorta stops once I walk out of the office and go home...but I probably shouldn't complain...everyday is interesting so far.

I feel bad for the kids who are that I'm like...outside the bubble and looking way harder than industry. Stress and pressure never ever stopped at school and there was always something added onto your plate. much more mellow...even at the plant...which is supposed to be one of the most stressful and hectic work environments in the industry (other companies have commented on how good P&G people are, it's not just me being gloaty).

So...comment if ya got anything...otherwise...

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Oh my fair blog, how I have deserted you...

Work was extremely hectic this week, even with Labor Day off. I tried to rush my first project out the door because I treated it like a problem set...Unfortunately, I had to meet about 20 people to accomplish the first step of the project...and I wanted to do it in 3 days...when everyone was busy. On Wednesday/Thursday, I realized I couldn't do it since I hadn't met 20% of the people and hadn't even told everyone a procedure to execute...So I postponed it, with advice from my boss....apparently, it was the right thing to do...YAY!

"Real Life" is so different...dates are pretty much "flexible"...and in general, it's much more easy going...Also...and I totally did not expect this...but I haven't really done anything technical at work yet. At all. I've been using analytical thinking to figure out how to do projects, but I basically do project manager work. It's so weird...they gave me an office too...but...I hardly ever use it...maybe an hour or two a day...everything else is meetings and questioning people.

I hit my first animal last was quite sad...I was going like 60 on a narrow, dark highway at night...I saw a little fuzzy thing and slammed on my brakes from maybe like 1/8 mile away...I saw that it wasn't going to move since it was eating something that already got hit...and had it's back towards I turned to avoid it...and when I was going 5 jumped under my was a little fox or something...I dunno...I was sad...

My boss told me that she hit a bear once...similar situation, except she said she was driving and a wall of fur appeared and bumped her car...and ran away...she found out it was a bear because her family could tell that the poop the animal left on the hood of the car was a bear's...she said not to ask how they could tell.

I didn't end up going to the Brewfest, unfortunately...big "MUST BE 21 OR OLDER" disclaimers discouraged me...

I'm conflicted on how to spend my time after work...I'd love to do lots of stuff...but I'm so tired...I wake up at 530 everyday...I dunno...I'll try to get used to it quicker...

Also, someone at work this week saw me and said I looked like I was 12. Maybe because I had my new shoes, tidy laces, tucked in shirt, helmet, goggles, and backpack.

I think that's all I had to say...hopefully, photo posts will come soon!

Stay Tuned.

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Week of Co-Op

Hey guys,

First week of Co-Op ended. It was pretty intense...a lot of meeting new people, attending orientation/training classes, and just basically getting adjusted. I haven't actually done any work though. I just got a project schedule/outline on Thursday afternoon/Friday.

I went back to Ithaca this weekend because I missed people and wanted to see everyone before it got too busy. I sorta failed at the latter since I really only hung out with Alice...sorry, all. I bet even Alice got sick of me towards the end.

I'm thinking of coming back next weekend. I found an amazing radio station that plays in Ithaca. WBBR, 93.5. Lots of rock music, with a nice mix of classic and modern rock. There were a lot of nice songs that I had to scribble down titles, artists, or lyrics of in my directions home....which I almost lost out the window as I was waving goodbye to Alice, haha.

Anyway, next weekend is the first annual Ithaca Brewfest. I wanna attend as a designated driver since it's $10 and there's a concert. I dunno, does anyone wanna go?

I finished Heroes....6 episodes in 2, I'm free to restart my WoW addiction after work everyday...hmm...I wanted to start working out too though...

Zooomr's bulk upload is still that's gonna have to wait...I should get out more with my camera too....

Stay Tuned.