Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Know It's Been A Long Time

Hey guys,

Sorry sorry sorry, it's been forever, I know. I got extremely busy at work and home and had no time to do anything.

First off, that contest I entered my photos into. I'll find out results in the spring. I also asked them if they had thought of an online gallery or something to show the entrants, and they might look into it! So, if I see anything, I'll post it up here. I'm more interested in seeing what everyone else submitted.

Thanksgiving was pretty solid for me. No fancy food, no real Thanksgiving feast. Just homecooked meals. Asian food, eating out at restaurants too. It was nice. Plus, not having a feast meant we didn't have to worry about preparation or leftovers.

I got a GPS unit (Garmin Nuvi 660). Well, technically, my dad wanted it for like over a year, so we bought it for him. Then he just gave it to me. He bought a cheaper one. Best Buy had crazy GPS deals this year for Black Friday. Couple video games. Kind of a quiet Black Friday. We didn't try for the hot ticket stuff, like the $300 laptops, since we didn't really need them. Actually, we almost missed all of it. I was supposed to wake my dad up so we could drive out, but my alarm didn't go off. Richardson called me at 6:00 am and asked about a price for Burning Crusade before asking me how BF was going. Course, I just woke up, so I calmly told him that I was in Texas, so we hadn't started yet. It was only then I realized that when my clock says 7:00 AM, EST, it's 6:00 AM central. I bolted downstairs, grabbed my dad, and we sped to Best Buy, which was....pretty much empty? One of the workers even complained.

BB Dude: "OK, we rearranged the ENTIRE store, brought in SO many people on extra shift, and we've been here since like 4. WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PEOPLE?!?!"

They had boxes of Rock Band, Halo 3 with the helmet, Xbox 360's, PS3's, everything piled high. No one was touching anything. Even the GPS units were relatively plentiful. At that time. We would try to go back later at noon since we liked them so much and try to get another one but ALAS, twas to no avail.

OH, something funny happened on my flight down though. I was sitting in the gate when the JetBlue gate announced something.

Gate Attendant: "We will begin boarding the flight now, but not everyone. Nope. First, we want passengers [so and so] to board first. Why? Well, they're actually getting MARRIED!!!! So, we'll let them board first, and everyone say hi to them when you walk by row 2!!!"

So yeah. That was Thanksgiving.

The week after Thanksgiving, I think I spent most of my home time looking up and buying presents for people. Then that weekend, I went to Boston to go home and also visit another P&G plant in South Boston, MA. That was all fun too. Got 4 levels in one weekend in WoW, hehe. Aaaaand, now putting on the addiction tag.

Last week, I have no idea what happened. I literally cannot account for home time last week. I only played like an hour or two of WoW. The entire week. Then I went to Cornell to see you guys off before finals and break. I'll be going back when y'all are gone to move stuff back into the apartment, though.

I've taken up knitting a bit. I suck pretty hard but I'm just trying to learn the basics at first. I've gotten some flak for it already though. Phil, guy from work, my boss...*sigh*

Oh yeah, I also got sick. Strep. Very bad. Missed Monday because of fever and such. Missed Tuesday because of the same thing, then doctor's office. Went to work for an hour on Tuesday to check my messages. Went for over a full day on Wednesday...and I missed all of Thursday. I felt pretty shitty Friday morning, so I went later and stayed for about 3 hours before I felt sick again. The headache from the fever is a killer.

But it's about 1 am, and I should go get some sleep. Another post later!

Stay Tuned.

PS: How's everyone else doing?


leehsueh said...

thats not fair. i went to bestbuy like 30 min before the doors opened and i got nothing.

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