Sunday, June 3, 2007


I've moved into 402 Eddy Street! It's quite spiffy. We have a nice view out our balcony, with a grill =)

Uh, not much has really happened in the past few days. Fola, Ken, and X have moved in. I almost hit a suicidal deer when driving to storage. The thing crossed over the road, into the oncoming traffic lane, then ran BACK IN FRONT OF MY CAR as i got closer. I had to slam on the brakes to not hit him. It was really odd. The car behind me stopped too.

I'm still not all unpacked, but it'll work for now.

ZOOOMR MARK III IS UP AND WORKING!!!! it's pretty cool, from the 5 mins i spent looking around. this means that picture posts may resume soon. granted, there's like...a 2400 picture queue...

anyway, to bed! still have class tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


Meng said...

Uh. Hi Aaron. Seems like double majoring is possibly the worst possible idea of all time, other than, say, self-evisceration with powertools. Plz don't. Kaybye.

Alice Chuang said...

thanks ^___^ don't have too much fun without me over there!!