Monday, September 3, 2007

First Week of Co-Op

Hey guys,

First week of Co-Op ended. It was pretty intense...a lot of meeting new people, attending orientation/training classes, and just basically getting adjusted. I haven't actually done any work though. I just got a project schedule/outline on Thursday afternoon/Friday.

I went back to Ithaca this weekend because I missed people and wanted to see everyone before it got too busy. I sorta failed at the latter since I really only hung out with Alice...sorry, all. I bet even Alice got sick of me towards the end.

I'm thinking of coming back next weekend. I found an amazing radio station that plays in Ithaca. WBBR, 93.5. Lots of rock music, with a nice mix of classic and modern rock. There were a lot of nice songs that I had to scribble down titles, artists, or lyrics of in my directions home....which I almost lost out the window as I was waving goodbye to Alice, haha.

Anyway, next weekend is the first annual Ithaca Brewfest. I wanna attend as a designated driver since it's $10 and there's a concert. I dunno, does anyone wanna go?

I finished Heroes....6 episodes in 2, I'm free to restart my WoW addiction after work everyday...hmm...I wanted to start working out too though...

Zooomr's bulk upload is still that's gonna have to wait...I should get out more with my camera too....

Stay Tuned.

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