Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Can't believe I forgot this:
YAY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Granted, I don't think anyone reads this religiously.

It's been hard, as usual, to post. I've been spending a lot of time editing pictures actually. I'm trying to enter a small portfolio into an Architecture, Art, and Planning photography contest. The grand prize is $7,500, which is a nice lure to college students, but I'm more interested in the competition.

Here's the information for anyone interested.

Photographers in general are an interesting lot. We look to each other's work to draw inspiration and ideas. This is what I'm much more excited about. I really doubt I'll win any prize in this contest, but I want to see what Cornell students are capable of. The contest is open to any students at Cornell, and I want to see what other people take pictures of. See what qualifies as art to them. How did they take their pictures? Who will win? How will the photos be judged? These are the things I'm thinking of. Because of this, I actually encourage more people to try out! You don't need an SLR to make great photos and I want to see more! In my opinion, art is communal and should be shared, so I really like the idea of being open about sharing techniques and ideas and such. Granted, I still hold all copyrights on my photos, but I'm protective about my work.

Other than that, Photo Society is trying to print a magazine with member-submitted photos. They'll vote on the best photos and have the magazine printed. I'm trying for this one too but I'm also very interested in how, who, and what people are shooting. It's a very exciting time for me, photography wise. I'm also about to buy a new lens, bag, and flash!!! =)

Going through my photos for these contests has shown that I actually forgot to upload about 50 pictures from the spring onto facebook...oops...I'll try to fix that soon.

When I decide which pics I want as candidates, I'll post them as a collection/group onto Zooomr and ask for opinions. Til then,

Stay Tuned.

PS: How's everyone else doing? Sound off in the comments!

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