Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Winding Up the Summer

Hey guys, I know I haven't updated in a long time, and I apologize. Life has been unbelievably hectic this summer. Orgo II and Heat and Mass Transfer are kicking my ass.

Final in H&M is tomorrow, and *knocks HARD on wood* I'm done with Orgo II if I passed the final.

I would REALLY like to do a photoblog posting, but Zooomr is still downish. Specifically, the bulk uploaders I love and use so much still don't work. I heard a rumor that the API's are updated and ready to go, but Zooomr doesn't have the hard drive space necessary to hold everyone's pictures if bulk uploading goes back up. I can see this problem, seeing as how I can upload gigs of photos a shot. And I don't go out on pictures shoots that often. So, I'll still wait. I might also finally finish the code needed to make this blog as pretty as I wanted.

So yeah, summer is winding down and people are moving back in. It's kind of surreal. It seemed so weird to be here at first since EVERYTHING was so quiet....but now...with everyone moving back seems like it doesn't belong...Ithaca is better when it's quiet, imo. If only the weather didn't suck and work wasn't piled up to Shaq's eyes.

Not sure what I'll do during Co-Op with my free time. I originally wanted to take some classes to meet my liberal arts requirement, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to get that done.

I'm looking forward to stress....I wonder what it'll be like when I come back in the spring....

I have to go now, since we're going to this isn't the greatest post (it basically boils down to a "look i'm not dead" post), but uh...

Stay Tuned.

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