Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hey guys,

Life here is pretty interesting. In case you didn't hear, I'm co-oping at Procter and Gamble at Mehoopany, PA. I've been there for 3 days, and still haven't done any real work. Not my fault, though. We have to go through a whole week of training classes. So many things to read and meetings to attend and people to meet and get to know. It's confusing enough, so I'm glad we don't get real work til after we're more settled in.

My apartment is pretty sweet, especially for $100/week. We're living in a nice lady's basement apartments in the middle of the Endless Mountain Regions. I still haven't really finished unpacking since my room is so small...meh. The scenery is very pretty and morning fog makes the mountains and roads almost pleasantly intimidating. I'd take pictures if I didn't have to drive or worry about my camera while at work (can't bring cameras into the plant...BIG no no).

I'm actually living in Tunkhannock, PA, and it's a quaint little town. One of the young managers described it as "a town with everything you need...but just one of them." grocery store, one WalMart, one haircut place, etc. He was telling a half truth.

I miss everyone at Cornell though. It's a little lonely here since the young managers don't really hang out with the co-op's that often. They invited me to a bunch of things, but I can't really go/not yet comfortable enough.

My car seems to be broken...the ventilation system is either on full blast, or not at I gotta get that fixed.

I'm typing in shorter sentences/paragraphs because I really want to watch Heroes right now and I'm gonna go do that after I finish this next line.

Stay Tuned.

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