Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Restarting Again

Hey guys,

Yeah, I'm at work. It's about 10:45 am so I've been here for like near 5 hours today (needed to be here early). I figured I'd restart the blog again. Or try to. I'll hold it to myself to upload at least a picture a day and maybe a story or something every week. Normally I'd do this at home, but I just reformatted my computer and tried to install Vista 64 bit on it...and...it was working fine til I tried to install the drivers for my wireless card...the drivers didn't really install I guess since the computer couldn't recognize when the card was plugged in (USB card), so I restarted it to let it finish Vista installation and such....and now....it won't turn back on. There's a few things that aren't working on the thing...sound card...RAID card...which sucks cuz the RAID card has the hard drive with all my photos...just stuff to do before I leave this weekend.

Speaking of which, I'm heading out to California for July 4th! I'll be in/around San Jose and apparently going to Lake Tahoe.

Anyway, I should be going back to work now.

Stay tuned!


loronar said...
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arsonal said...

You can be a guest blogger on my blog. Many WoW blogs do that now.