Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thoughts on Lightroom and Other Things

Ooooh, what a mysterious title!

Whoever posted that link to the photo contest, I appreciate the gesture, but I don't have anything to submit that would fit the theme, unfortunately =(...also...the prizes, technically I'd enter under the amateur category, but even the grand prize seemed like a bit of a copout (point and shoot camera and some other stuff). I was tempted to enter the professional division, if it wasn't for the like $50 entry fee. So, yeah, thanks for the suggestion =) I might enter a picture or two into JPG Magazine again soon. In fact, I had a few that fit the "On Stage" theme they have this week, but I wouldn't be able to get a model release in time from Illuminations =(. I entered one photo a long time ago with Soyoung in it and everything blurry. I think it was themed like "What would you see in heaven" or something, and I liked the blurry abstraction of a friend who greets you standing in front of a foresty-looking/green background (background was the slope, but the blurring made it seem more 3d).

Richardson, the only Chinese music I have is F.I.R. and I like them a bit. Any suggestions? Trying to get Jiyeon and Soyoung to help me with Japanese music, lol.

So, I used the beta version of Lightroom 2.0 on this machine because of the 64 bit support. Kinda like how I used the beta Lightroom 1.0 on my old computer. As I expected, there were QUITE a few feature changes/upgrades in the real version. The full retail version is decidedly quicker and a bit more intuitive, and it hasn't crashed yet (beta version crashed often)! As such, I have to heartily recommend Lightroom 2.0 for anyone with isn't as powerful as Photoshop, but it really doesn't have to be.

Anyway, I have restarted my horrid Lego addiction! I started because I saw this video. I don't think it's healthy to replace WoW with ANOTHER massively multiplayer online game...especially a Lego one, since that will probably be more addictive...Oh well, it's not out yet...Oh, yeah, so it restarted my Lego addiction because I starting looking around at stuff...and...I mighta bought some 2 ice trays, a popsicle maker, and a t-shirt...moving on, I found a pretty cool blog dedicated to Legos! I'll link it here (, and I'll add it to the side, as well as a Lego section =).

Also, I have Rosetta Stone and will be trying to teach myself some languages! I'm starting with Japanese, cuz technically I've wanted to learn it since middle school. I want to eventually learn Korean and Spanish, relearn Mandarin, and maybe relearn French. They had a CD for Arabic too, and that sounded very cool...even if it'd be very difficult...oh well, never give up, I say!

I should finish packing...I'm going back to Ithaca this weekend! So yeah, packing and Japanese!

Stay Tuned.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of genre are you looking for? I can let you browse my library when we get back to Cornell.